Elbow Replacement Surgery


Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital offers an extensive array of methodologies to analyse and treat elbow injuries including specialized expertise in elbow replacement surgery. The world-class orthopaedic experts and technologically equipped facilities are provided to ensure satisfaction for the patients. Our elbow replacement concerning orthopaedics are professionally trained. Your elbow can receive injury due to many reasons ranging from accidents/falls to diseases. But several conditions such as accidents and diseases can lead to excruciating elbow torment and disability, the causes which can lead to elbow replacement surgery are Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease), Elbow Arthritis, Post-traumatic Arthritis, and Extreme Fractures. Since, elbow joint is a complex structure with many moving parts, any obstruction to the precision and fluidity which controls the movement of the elbow can cause improper functioning of the forearm.

Elbow replacement injuries are rare when compared to cases of knee and hip replacement. Medical attention is important at the hour. Secondly, surgically repair can rectify the elbow joint to its normal functioning, but in some grave cases, orthopaedic specialists recommend elbow replacement surgeries. Depending upon the condition of injured elbow, elbow replacement surgery is performed, it could be partial or total. In the partial elbow replacement, the patients undergo a surgical procedure in which just one portion of the elbow joint is replaced. On the other hand, total elbow replacement surgery is substitution of the entire elbow joint with artificial parts. In this case, the injured parts of the humerus and ulna are substituted with implants, these artificial parts are of varied sizes. The artificial elbow joint is composed of a metal and plastic hinge with two metal stems, these stems are perfectly adjusted in the canal.

Concerning the kind of elbow replacement surgery performed, the implants considered are usually of two types, which are:

Linked - This device acts to some degree like a free pivot since every one of the parts of the substitution joint are associated.

Unlinked– These artificial parts come in two separate pieces that aren't associated with each other. This plan relies upon the encompassing tendons to help hold the joint together.

At Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality, the staff of elbow replacement orthopaedics is highly trained with the nuances of the joint functioning of human body. They work with efficiency to treat the patients and lead them back to a quality life.

Recuperation and Physical Therapy Post Elbow Replacement surgery:

Elbow replacement normally diminishes agony and enables the elbow to work better. Orthopaedic specialists recommend different sorts of exercise based recuperation to enable patient’s arm to show signs of improvement. Lifting and heavy exercises are avoided till the quality and movement of elbow becomes fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why over-the-counter drugs are stopped before the elbow replacement surgery?
A: To avoid excessive bleeding, doctors prescribe non-intake of over-the-counter drugs before two weeks of the elbow replacement surgery.

Q: What composes the implants used in elbow replacement surgery?
A: The implants used in elbow replacement surgery are made up of chrome-cobalt alloy or titanium and there is a liner made of polyethylene (plastic). The bone cement is composed of polymethylmethacrylate.

Q: How much time is required for an elbow replacement surgery?
A: In usual cases, almost two hours are required to perform an elbow replacement surgery.

Q: For how much day hospital stay is prescribed post elbow replacement surgery?
A: Usually, orthopaedics specialists recommend almost a week stay after completion of elbow replacement surgery.

Q: What complications are involved in elbow replacement surgery?
A: the complications involved in elbow replacement surgery are infection, nerve injury, allergic reaction to the implant, broken bone, stiffness, and weak tendons.

Q: Is splint necessary for recovery of elbow replacement surgery?
A: No, splint is not necessary for recovery of elbow replacement surgery. But it should be used if recommended by orthopaedic specialists.


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