Joint Replacement Surgery


Here, at Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital we provide services of utmost precision and satisfactory results in treatments of Joint Replacement. Medically known as Replacement Arthroplasty, Joint Replacement is an orthopedic treatment of bones, under which bone(s) of any concerned joint is replaced by an artificial bone or prosthesis. The joint may have been damaged due to a particular accident, or due to a prolonged illness like arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteonecrosis, etc. The bone which is affected is replaced by plastic, polymers or metal alloys. Here at Aakash, we provide you an array of specialized treatment and our expertise extends to:

Knee Replacement

  • Unicondylar knee replacement.
  • Failed or revision joint replacement.

Hip Replacement

Knee and hip being the most common bones to be replaced nowadays because these two are most prone to injuries and also to diseases like arthritis for which Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Health care provides expertise, being one among the top- notch health care institutes. Our state-of-the-art facility is provided with machines and equipment of technological advancements. For the best of results, the Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality HealthCare is equipped with top-notch technology in diagnostics and treatment. 3 Tesla MRI, 128 Slice CT, 4D/5D HD Ultrasound machines, Dexa Scans, Modular Operation Theatres with HEPA Filter and Laminar flow, are some of the equipment beyond these are many which the professional at our institute use. The operation theatres are also equipped with Computer Assisted Navigation, C-Arm for minimal invasive procedures, High Definition Arthroscopy systems, and advanced power drill systems to ensure unparalleled results.

To undergo a particular joint replacement surgery certain things, have to be kept in mind. Firstly, the age of the person, a young boy or girl will recover in a smaller time period while as a person who is above forty’s will take time to recover, so accordingly the patient would be given treatment. Secondly, a person who is overweight according to his height and age will also have to be assessed because of the pressure his bones will have to take, before and after the surgery. Thirdly, if the person is a sportsperson it has to be noted because, he or she may to undergo the post-rehabilitation in a way other than those not involved in sports. Lastly, the immune system of a person that how will his whole body react to the surgery.

The pre-operative checks are a prominent part of diagnosis. Firstly, the patient must undergo a certain number of tests like an X-Ray, after taking a look at the X-Ray of a particular joint, if need be so the patient may be advised by the doctor to take a MRI of the particular joint, which will help in assessing the patient’s condition in better way. Blood tests are a must before every operation so to check if the patient is fit or in case of an emergency what his requirements would be if need be so. A physical examination would take place where he would be asked about his allergy’s, his smoking habits, and other things. He would be diagnosed for how his body reacts to anesthesia by a Doctor specialized in anesthetics.

The post-operative care is the most important part for the success of the joint replacement. The risk of infection has to be taken care of, the pain after the surgery is to be looked up, the person maybe physically not able to do normal chores of his life on his own therefore he must be taken care of and all the post operative care is the best and most sophisticated at our Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Healthcare. We have the best of Nursing staff who will take care of your each and every need and will look after you, day and night.


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