Most people think of neurosurgery as brain surgery — but it is much more!
It is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of patients with injury to, or diseases/disorders of the brain, spinal cord and spinal column, and peripheral nerves within all parts of the body. The specialty of neurosurgical care includes both adult and paediatric patients. Dependent upon the nature of the injury or disease a neurological surgeon may provide surgical and/or non-surgical care.

The department of Neurosurgery at Aakashhealthcare,is equipped with state-of-the-art operating room with endoscopes and microscopes that augment surgical precision to perform complex Neurosurgeries and spine surgeries namely micro surgery for Brain Tumours, Skull Base Surgery, Endoscopy Brain Surgery, Spinal Surgery with Implants, and Microscopic Lumbar Discectomy.

Preparing for the surgery:

There are several things you can do to prepare for any type of neurological surgery. Thedoctor will give you exact instructions on how to prepare for your surgery based on your diagnosis, what type of procedure you are having, and any other health factors. Some of these things often include discontinuing aspirin or other blood thinners several days before your surgery. It is best if you quit smoking, as smoking can lengthen the amount of time it takes to heal from surgery, especially spinal fusions. Be sure to arrange to have someone to take you home from the hospital and to be with you for the first few days after your surgery.

The main sub-specialties of neurosurgery are:

  • Brain tumour surgery: Surgery is a common treatment for many types of brain tumours. For some slow-growing tumours, it may be the only treatment needed. But for other brain tumours, surgery might be followed by other treatments. These may include radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
  • Endoscopic brain surgery: Endoscopy is the technique of using a tube with a lens and a light source to look into a body cavity through a small opening. The endoscope has a light source and is connected to a monitor. It is considered a minimally invasive brain surgery that allows neurosurgeons to identify and treat conditions that are deep within the brain.This surgery is performed to remove a tumour, biopsy a mass, decompress a cranial nerve, remove a herniated disc, or treat any number of neurosurgical problems.
  • Skull base and brain trauma surgery: Our surgeons at Aakash, are among the most experienced in the world at both open and minimally invasive skull base techniques, they offer the entire range of approaches necessary to treat the patient. In other cases, complete tumour removal may not be possible for various reasons. Skull base surgery often requires proper reconstruction in order to minimiseany postoperative complications and restore function and appearance as much as possible to facilitate the patients’ recovery and return them to a functioning life.
  • Brain surgery for epilepsy: Epilepsy surgery is the name for the different types of brain surgery that some people with epilepsy undergo, to stop or reduce their seizures. There are different kinds of epilepsy surgery. One kind of surgery involves removing a specific area of the brain which is thought to be causing the seizures. Another kind involves separating the part of the brain that is causing seizures from the rest of the brain.

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